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CLC Services & Benefits

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Lighting Consultant

  • In depth room by room analysis of client's lighting needs to ensure lighting requirements for each space is met
  • Proper fixture placement and lamping to maximize architectural design elements
  • Ensure proper light levels for all areas, especially important task areas
  • Avoid costly mistakes & common pitfalls
  • Discuss options & specify Lighting Controls from local scene control to home automation systems
  • Specify appropriate fixtures to ensure quality correct optics and glare control

Services Offered

  • Full Lighting Design and Controls Plans for Residential and Commercial Projects 
  • Landscape Lighting Design
  • Vantage Controls, Programming and Support
  • Hot Aiming sessions: Includes any adjustment of specified art lighting and adjustments to any specified track lighting and beam spread analysis (this is a fee based service)

All Services are Fee Based.