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Our Certified Lighting Consultants will work with your floor plans to provide professional lighting designs in AutoCAD®. We handle a full spectrum of applications from one room, an entire home or commercial/retail spaces.

Al Thomas and Marcy Smith are two of four Certified Lighting Consultants with the American Lighting Association in Washington State.  Every aspect of your lighting design plan will be completely specified in AutoCAD®. This ensures quality products are used throughout your entire project. Thorough attention to detail is critical to ensure your space is well lit, functional and comfortable.

We will tailor a customized dimming system to suit your individual needs. All switching will be specified ranging from simple wall box devices ... to whole house lighting control systems. Proper control assures that your spaces are illuminated to maximize visual drama and to highlight architectural and design elements in an easy to use interface.   



Al Thomas, CLC
Lighting Designer
805.501.1942 (cell)

Marcy Smith, CLC
Lighting Designer